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UFO's Motors

I just read your last post and wanted to respond.
I have rewound and made a few of these designs by UFO.
Funny he still does not use his real name?? Anyway I am still working with
this idea in hopes that it will lead to something worth while, but allways aware that it may not be as wonderful as some may hope.
I have gained some more insight to how this is working and can see if pulsed properly and with a large mass
for a motor we may be able to run to independant generators from one motor.
But this makes me ask,, why not just build a large window motor using the
Bedini Cole circuit.
No brushes and no drag?? I think time may tell.
But one thing I have learned from these forums is, if you don't build some of these
idea's and keep up, by the time someone does verify it works, you now have to go back
and try building it. In the meen time, others are going to new levels and most won't understand the"why" it works.

Never the less it would be nice to use our existing motors in this way.

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