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Hi Nadine

As I posted earlier, after Gracious Gracie had done some corrections on me, I found myself daring to charge for my readings, something I didn't had the guts to do before.
Not only do I feel ok with charging for them, I have had more requests for readings this last week, than I have had for the longest time!
I am absolutely convinced that has been a Self Esteem issue, and our Dear Grace has sorted me out Big time!

And, I have been talking to a friend of mine for the past few months. his girlfriend (one of my best friends) of 6 years, broke up with him in January. A couple of days ago, he asked me to order a couple of books for him via the Internet, as he wasn't sure how to do it. I ordered the books and he was supposed to send about 8 to my bank account. Today, I saw that he had sent me about 35!! When I spoke to him, saying that it was way too much, he said it was for me and my daughter to go and enjoy a meal at a Restaurant!!

To me, this is BIG improvements!

Gracie... do you know how MAGIC you are?!

Much Love
Moria x
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