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Look like this thread has quiet done quite a bit. About this program on Matrix Energetic , it is basically a course of demonstration of :

1 2 Points Body Contact
2 Demonstration of using this 2 point as a mysterious learning technique for purpose of healing
3 Leaning about using Quantum Mind force to assist in healing
4 More practice with your partner on 2-point practice to achieve body immobilization phenomena
5 Learning about what is current issues on Quantum Mind Research

In reality , there are many teachers out there , teaching different brands of of the greatest ....... is a young boy from Cananda - Adam the Miracle healer. Adam can heal anyone from a distance through using your voice connected over the telephone network, identify your identity by way of voice frequency and make the quantum change for you. He simply project his mind to have a new you, He is a real miracle healer.

If you are interested in advancing far beyond the 2-point technique, you have to go to the East. In China, you can find ordinary Qigong Master who will be able to repel the forces of 10 to 20 muscular men without even touching them. He can project his mind to wherever location and the Quantum force is there as he thought. Not even a single souls can penetrade that field...

I used to practise Qigong meditation. My master was able to make you fall and move your body by not touching one body at all. The Chinese call it Yidao Qidao meaning as you thought the Qi moves accordingly at the speed of thought...faster than the speed of light.

If you want to perform miracles and have mind projection power to overcome all kind of obtacles, you need to learn how to project your mind to the distant star - the source of original energy and move it back to you faster than the Speed of light. You need to learn Qigong Meditation....and master the connection of energy meridians flowing in your body. This way you will be able to use your mind alone to heal yourself first. After understanding how the energy work perform their work in your organs and cell tissues, then only you can make it happen in others.

The Qigong Meditation will take at least 6 to 12 months of daily practice to power up your Kundalini and your ability to project force outside your body.

1 In the 4 Dimensional World - speed of light is the fastest

2 In the 5 Dimensional World - the thought has to be strong enough to pass through the barrier of the 5th dimension back into the phsical world of the 4 dimensions

Here you need a lot of training and practice ......and this is where you bend the creation right into the physical world NOW...Speed of thought is faster than the speed of light.

3 If you cannot access the 5th dimensional world....and if you do not understand what is the function of the 5th dimesion , then you know little of how to bend the future to the NOW into the Physical World.

4 if you are in North America, you are trully fortunate. There are a lot of masters out there of varying levels of expertise. As a novice, you can learn a bit here and there from all of them and make your progress step by step.The key is consistent daily practice. This is the most important crucial single factor for your success. The nearest person you can seek to learn this practice is Adam the Miracle DreamHealer if you want to experience a REAL MIRACLE CURE...however he has so far did not turn his mircacle knowhow into a striving business ...If he does so...he will create a stampede to his training Matrix Energetics is. If you are a novice, it is OK to follow what Richard of Matrix Energetics can teach got to start somewhere.

5. However, let me smartly warn you...that no teacher will reveal to you how they obtained that power in manipulating with Quantum Mind Creation. They will tell you that you have to travel the route to find it yourself. They may reveal here and there, the low level and the slow technique to get there.

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