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The car conversion certainly helped me to visualise the creation...if it was indeed real.
The 6ft antenna on the back just 'looks' like it should make it an R/C car. So, with knowing that Tesla created the first R/C anything with his boat in 1898 ( Nikola Tesla Museum - Seventh room ), then the car would suggest a magnifying transmitter being the transmitter.
Distance is Hertzian.

I read that Tesla kept up an experiments room along with his personal living accomodation later in life.
However, the hotel New Yorker (Room 3327) was where he resided for the last 10 years. 1943 - 10 = 1933 he wasn't there when the car driving occurred.
At 75 years old he was living at the Hotel Governor Clinton ?
Well, in 1930 he vacated the Hotel Pennsylnaia..due to debt and problems with his adoration of 'flying rats'. He moved to the Hotel Governor Clinton in New York.
January 2nd 1934, he moved to the Hotel New Yorker.
What was within the walls of the Hotel Governor Clinton residence ? I 'think' that along with apparently removing the tubes from the car when he parked it up in a barn, he may well have dismantled any transmitter at that time.

Here's a heck of a site for timelines etc, tripped over while looking for links and facts: Nikola Tesla Timeline 1899 - Tesla Begins Colorado Springs Experiments

I would doubt that a person who announced discoveries on his birthday for all to hear each year, would contrive them purely from thought...albeit he could see inventions mentally as though they were real.
Rather, that he experimented physically too.
And, lastly, from the last mentioned website:
"January, 9th: OAP Seizes Tesla Estate
After learning of Tesla's death, the FBI ordered the U.S. Office of Alien Property to seize all of Tesla's belongings. Tesla's entire estate from the Hotel New Yorker, and other New York City hotels, was transported to the Manhattan Storage and Warehouse Company under OAP seal."
Might we imagine that something like a magnifying transmitter remained at another location after he moved to Room 3327 ?
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