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I'd like to offer 4 items for consideration:
1. Antenna as Radiant Energy Collector: Would the top of the antenna(s) and the bottom of the tires or some other grounding (e.g., strips that trail from cars) provide for enough potential difference to access some small amount of radiant energy as per Tesla's Radiant Energy Collector patent?
2. Rods as Tuning Devices: If this is the case, might the rods be used to slide into coils in order to tune them to their resonant frequency to best use (and possibly amplify) the radiant energy coming off the antenna? - Much like Doc Stiffler was doing in his experiments with a barium ferrite rod sliding in and out of a fine copper wire coil; I believe Lidmotor also has a similar tuning arrangement with one of his motors on YT. Perhaps Lee Tseung's lead-out theory based on maximized output through resonant frequency might have some bearing here as well.
3. Dipole Preserving Motor Winding: Has anyone considered in light of Ufopolitics' motor winding that the motor for Tesla's Pierce Arrow might have been modified and wound similarly, to keep the dipole open, and generate further electricity?
4. Ed Gray Type Self-Runner: The Ed Gray motor used coils for its stators. My understanding is that the rotating armature coils would have induced radiant energy into the stator coils, which was in harvested into caps, which could in turn be used to make the machine a self-runner. I believe a variant (or predecessor) of this motor would only need a revolution to get the process started - perhaps from a charged condenser?

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