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Originally Posted by citfta View Post

Thanks for the links. I downloaded both of them and saved them. The one from Perreault looks very interesting. I plan to read the whole thing as soon as I have some spare time.

I want to apologize if you feel I have made any personal attacks against you. That was never my intention. I was upset because of your comments about my negative attitude. I felt that was not a fair assessment being based only on my comments about one particular circuit. I have read many of your posts and have great respect for your electronic knowledge. I try to always be open to new ideas and I have seen enough strange things when working on electrical and electronic equipment to know our knowledge is not complete.

I just tried the link that I have posted in post #14 of this thread and it still works. Please look at it and go all the way to the bottom of the page. There you will find a couple of circuits. One has a series of tubes connected in series between an antenna and one side of a motor. On the other side of the motor is another set of series connected tubes going from the motor to a ground connection. The other drawing is similar except the tubes are connected in parallel. I just don't see any way either of these circuits could work. If I am overlooking something then please show me what it is.

Hi Carroll.

Thanks for your reply.

As presented neither of those circuits could work, and if my memory has not failed me, then an antenna of 3" high resonates at circa 2.4GHz modem and microwave oven frequencies, not 246MHz as stated.

Also did the Tesla car not have twin antennas, one each side of the vehicle ?
If yes then again the type of circuit shown could not have powered the car via EM reception because short twin antennas operating at V-UHF can develop directional reception nulls in line with the antennas which would mean the car could not remain continuously powered whilst driven around corners.

What are those 'diodes' though ?
Were they Moray like ?
Did the rods being pushed into the box either present an encapsulation or move a sheild from an internal radium source capable of ionically energising tube oscillators and rectifiers ?

Too much remains unknown, and too many substances have been named as being illegal to possess for modern day empiricists to replicate developments made almost 100 years ago.

Cheers .......... Graham.
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