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Originally Posted by TeslaSecrets View Post
Someone requested some links. There are so many great minds who have been cast aside, where should I begin? I would suggest you read some of Walter Russell's works. They are difficult to put in context, but give a remarkable picture of our Universe. Tesla remarked, "Walter Russell should hide his ideas from humanity for 1000 years till we are ready." My bibliography would take up a hundred pages.

I would suggest reexamining many of the great minds, wiped from the history books, there is a tremendous amount of information out there. The trick is knowing where to look, how to interpret it and how to filter out the garbage. What I am trying to do here and on my site, is provide a means to do exactly this. I would never expect anyone to just believe what I am saying on faith. All I can do is give the tools to interpret the information yourself, so you can get your own understanding, independent of my own. You will find this information I discuss, is a very deep rabbit hole.

The links are good. The information here is rewording exactly what I am describing:
Ville's Research energy
The image is a real image of a true electrostatic Tesla coil, and you can see the discharge is very different from any normal Tesla coil you will find on the net.

The magnetic vortex video link is good too, it is a simple magnetohydrodynamic motor, the water is salt water I am guessing. Here is the simplest magnetohydrodynamic motor I could conceive.

This Lorentz force is vital to understand the connection between electric action and gravity, but I do not think adding this to our current discussion will help right now. This should be a new topic.

Now @boguslaw

You have grasped the idea correctly. The wind/sound analogy is a good one, to demonstrate the subtle difference in electric action I am discussing. However I would only, for now, relate the wind/sound to electric action and not to gravity. To say gravity is an electric action, is jumping the gun a little, as it were. Consider electromagnetic field physics and modern electrical engineering as being solely an investigation of "wind", whereas the "sound" component of the electric actions has been largely ignored. We must however, at this point, agree that both electric actions( like wind and sound ) are REAL, and not some mystical, new-age, metaphysical, fringe, BS unworthy of researching. We have a real world, observable case which exactly models the electrical situation I have described.

Check this page on the "Water Hammer" effect I mentioned. It may seem at first glance unrelated( a plumbing site to explain Tesla Coils?), but this link shows the connection very well.

What is water hammer and how to prevent it

Note, the water hammer effect, occurs only at the instant the valve is opened or closed. More powerful when the valve is closed. For WH to happen when valve is opened, requires a valve over a certain size. Pressure has a significant effect. The water is not in motion, when water hammer occurs. Etc Etc. Is this not exactly the electrical situation I have described??

As to gravity, let me propose a little riddle.

Consider the astronomy Galaxy Rotation Problem: - All About Vera Rubin

What I am discussing, solves this problem elegantly. Whomever can grasp the significance of "Water Hammer" to the "Galaxy Rotation Problem" will begin to understand gravity.

I'll even give a hint. Which do you think is more important, the electrical action like wind or the electrical action like sound? ( A trick question in itself I might add )
Sorry for quick answer but I have very limited time. I like the way you see nature , it's close to my perception. Both wind and sound is important but the difference for us is this :
with wind to create sound we have to have obstacle in the path of air movement as to change pressure because wind is a steady pressure (mostly)
with sound we can create wind by interference. While it may sound as a weak method with wind creating sound we are at the mercy of wind power source while creating wind by sound the using in positive loop we can get whatever energy we wish.
Gravitation is electric phenomenon surely and related to the delay of flow of ether into the Earth or any other big mass.
Both sound and wind are complex pattern applied to simple two constituent of reality : Prana and Akasha. Ether and Vibration (wave).
I'm still working on bringing together various theories and simplify, because I believe The Universe is electric and is simple. If we only knew Tesla theory of gravitation we would not need much more.
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