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If you visited my website, you will see that understanding gravity is one of my goals. There is a connection between electric actions and gravity, but not one which can be readily explained in a few sentences. The Bipolar Conical Tesla Coil is important to this research simply because of the enormous high voltage potentials we can generate with it. A Bipolar coil is twice the voltage of a 1/4 wave coil. It is this high voltage we are interested in for possible manipulation of gravitational forces.

A means to generate a extremely high electrostatic potential is required, an electronic Van DaGraff generator if you will. Research early Van DaGraff generators used as Linear Particle Accelerators. In a Van DaGraff generator used as a Linear Accelerator, you should realize we are accelerating mass, with electrostatic voltage, not current. Which is a key to understanding the connection between Gravity and electric action.
Neat. It's going to take me some time to digest all this.

If I may, I'd venture to say, there is a need to add a new element to the mix which could (theoretically) be a positron. Just my thought process gone wild.

There is some science behind magnetism being two counter rotating vortexes at play. Similarly, could it be that electric fields are counter rotating electron+positron vortexes ?

Could light be the result of these two coming together and interacting on each other ? as in a lightning discharge ?

E.V Gray is said to have demonstrated the use of electrostatics (to overcome gravity) and launch heavy objects. He termed the concept - splitting the positive.

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