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The Atlantean Conspiracy - 44

The word Vatican comes from Vaticinia which means “place of divinations” or “place of the sorcerers.” The Vatican actually funds and controls every astronomical telescope and observatory in the world and all findings run through the Vatican before both the public and the scientific communities. Mass derives from the Egyptian Mes, an annual sacred cake ritually baked with Nile riverbank clay.
The Atlantean Conspiracy: Skull and Bones Society (part 1)

The Skull and Bones secret society was officially founded at Yale University in 1832, but finds its roots in German Freemasonry, and takes its symbology from the Pirates/Brotherhood of Death. Like the Masons, Bonesmen choose their own initiates, and the only way to enter the Brotherhood is to be “tapped” by an existing member. Only 15 members are accepted each year which is absolutely amazing considering the number of important historical figures who just happen to be Skull and Bonesmen.
Geronimo's kin sue Skull and Bones society - US news - Life -

Check this out ....... relate then to Modern events around the World :

Agrippa on the Things Ruled by Mars

How Provinces, and Kingdoms are Distributed to Planets.

Mars with Aries governs Brittany, France, Germany, Bastarnia, the lower parts of Syria, Idumea and Judea; with Scorpio he rules Syria, Comagena, Cappadocia, Metagonium, Mauritania and Getulia

Mars in Scorpio ~ The Astrology Place

What Places are Suitable to Every Star

To Mars, fiery and bloody places, furnacnes, bakehouses, shambles, places of execution and and places where there have been great battles fought and slaughters made and the like.

from: The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna

As Above so Below
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.
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