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Hi Carroll,

I just want to commend you for starting a thread where ones opinion can be shared, while still being respectful of other people with differing opinions. Far too often in this forum and in this world someone who holds a different opinion than another person is taken, as a personal attack, and people get defensive, peoples' egos come into play, and the situation quickly degenerates. It is refreshing to see a thread such as yours, where peoples ideas can be shared openly, and still be treated respectfully. I am happy to say that if more people acted with the patience, genuineness, and respect as you do, everyone's common goals might be realized much sooner. Of all the time I have seen your posts on this forum, I have never seen a disparaging remark by you. Also you have been more than helpful in helping others(including me) with their projects. Good job, your example has not gone unnoticed.

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