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To show how OU is achieved to really power things

Hi All

Good thread to vent a few things.

Over unity can be achieved but usually it is so low that you can't use it. This is how OU can be used but you need to use power to gain power e.g.

You can extract say 100v at micro amps, so your usable power is nearly nothing, "using plain language". Now you take 1v @ 100amps you will have 100watts of power, this is your input you have to use. Now add your motive free force of 100v you will have 101v @100amps plus your micro amps which we will discount, and so what do you have? W=A*V therefore 10.1kw. Now I know someone is going to say you can't do that, but oh yes you can, not only that you can do the same thing in a mechanical form, e.g.

A bolder of 1ton at the top of a hill has 1 person pushing it and it does not move or very little (100 amps @1v), 99 other people come to push it and it moves (100v @ no amps), the bolder now moves, but not only that it now has gone over the hill and is running down hill using it's 1ton.

Now the trick is the way you add these two things together to create more power than you used to start with.

I hope I have explained myself albeit in a very simple form "simpler the better".

So what I am saying is it is all in how you make a circuit to do what I have said, John Bedini has been saying this for years in the form of don't kill the dipole "the current you use to start with".

regards to all

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