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A thread like this is like a safe haven in the wild-west forum outside of here. For that reason it is a good thing.

Yet I think we all joined this forum for the same reason: we want free and clean energy.
With that in mind we should allow others to boldly go where we would never go. No matter how ridiculous we think it is. No one of us knows all the laws of nature.

The problem that I have with this thread is that it is a mix of everything and there for it reduces the searchability (is that a good word?).
Suppose I would like to know about receiving energy from EM radiation. It would be great to be able to see in one thread who has tried which methods and with what results.
Or telluric currents, or longitudinal electricity, cosmic radiation, Schumann frequencies etc.
Or you would like to see your idea verified by others, or you need help on your project.
For those things it is great to have a forum like this, but if everything of value ends up in one thread there is no more overview. And that greatly reduces the value of this forum.

Isn't there a better solution than to start this thread?

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