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My Opinion

Based on my experience, here are the problems I see. Parallel coils close to each other- can cause cross induction to other coils when one fires. this causes drag as the magnet approaches next coil and it makes it imposible to correct with timing. As the magnet causes current when it passes a coil, so can a energized coil cause current to an adjacent coil. Bedini suggests a 3 magnet space between magnets for seperation, I have done ok with 2 anything less and radiant goes away and timing becomes slushy. From what I can tell, Bedini uses 3/4 to 5/8 inch cores. I have used upto 1.125 inch core with success. I tried larger yet (1.25) and radiant went away. I have many reject coil bobbins.
Doug, you need to seperate those magnets and coils OR use smaller magnets and smaller coils for that rotor size. If you can't get it to charge with one coil, then it will not charge with multiple coils. There is a reason Bedini suggests a 22-26 in bicycle wheel for your first pulse motor. Sorry, I wish I had easier recommendations for you.
Good Luck!
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