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Hi Randy

Don't worry about the basic questions, its obviously something basic that is causing my problems and I really appreciate the though you are putting into this

The unit is made up of three perpex triangles, each one has three 12 inch sides. The coils are three inches in diameter with a core radius of 1.5 inches and a coil depth of 2.5 inches. The depth of the entire unit including control circuits is 8 inches. The rotor is a perspex disk 6 inches in diameter and I have made a lot of these. All are easily interchangable and have either 3, 6 or 12 magnets in both neodynium and ceramic. I am currently using ceramic magnets only though. Magnets are 2 inches in diameter and are disk shaped.

I determined the north pole by using a test magnet I bought with north and south pole marked and the side that repels north is north. Most magnets are already marked out of the box but I have tested them all the same.

I have tried running the unit with only one coil and it offers a higher spin speed and no charge. I would really love to own an oscilloscope to get a really good look at what is happening.


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