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Bedini SSG

Hi All

I have attached a photo of the multicoil machine so you guys can pick it to bits As my phone is my only digital camera, there are a couple of things I should explain as the photo doesn't. The machine is constructed of perspex and 316 stainless steel thread rods (ie. no iron content and non magnetic). The circuit is mounted on a laminated aluminium disk to disperse any heat the transistors may produce. The rotating disk has three ceramic magnets located on its face and they are arranged with the north pole facing the coils.

To Stonewater, the circuit is exactly to your specs other than it isnt built on a bicycle wheel and it has three coils. Each bifilar coil has its own circuit.

To Tachyoncatcher, the three coil motor is a monopole and all three coils are independently tuneable with potentiometers from 0 to 10,000 ohms. The unit is remarkably simple to tune and operate in the three coil arrangement.

Thanks for your replies, if you need anything else to crack this, let me know and I will post it for you.



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