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When we look at a thyratron as a triggered vacuum spark gap, which is essentially what it is, we can see there is absolutely no obstacle to magnetic quenching this device. It would require redesigning the shape of the thyratron, flattening it, so we can place two magnetic poles in close proximity to the discharge path.

I do see reasons why someone would tell you, this was a bad idea. You would need a glass blower for one and this leads to the results I have discussed, for two. Remember, Tesla mentions the construction of a "vacuum tube" which can amplify power to any desired level. A magnetically quenched thyratron, fits this description perfectly. However, who has the resources and knowledge to build a custom made, magnetically quenched thyratron?

Realize we are dealing with the production of a very unique and specific waveform in these devices. The resulting waveform is more akin to a sound wave, then our current concepts of electron current transmission. If you read the right journals and papers, you will find discussion of the longitudinal component of an electromagnetic wave and how this component is not fully recognized as a REAL component of electric transmission. Explaining this would take pages. The main reason this waveform is so difficult to produce is because it just is not fully understood. Thus the effect is not easy to replicate.
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