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Patent picture not from patent.

Hi Carroll and all, Recently there was a disagreement, the section of the patent
drawing shown in this post.
is from patent 390 721 but the claims he quotes in this post
and relates to his devices are from patent 390 414 which of course doesn't contain the drawing he posted.

309721 patent
Patent US390721 - BEST AVAILABLE COP - Google Patents

390414 patent
Patent US390414 - BEST AVAILABLE COP - Google Patents

This is misleading, the drawing from the first post is from a different patent to
the claims he quotes. I didn't pick up on it at first, but he did not mention it, I
linked the 390 721 patent which the drawing he posted was from. At the point
he replied I couldn't be bothered to argue because I could sense he was
getting upset.

My point still remains the drawing he posted is not in the patent he used to
justify his claim of his being like the drawing, that drawing is from the
alternating current generator patent

A tad misleading.

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