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Someone wants hard proof? Build a Tesla coil or Rurmkorff coil with a proper "Magnetically Quenched Spark Gap" and connect it as described. For what better proof than seeing the effect with ones own eyes.

Tesla used a "Magnetically Quenched Spark Gap" to produce "Stinging Rays" which he was unable to find any literature about, except for this story from the Philadelphia high school. The Ruhmkorff coil used in the high school experiment had such a magnetically quenched spark gap, by accident.

A small set-up will not produce "Stinging Rays" because the power is too low, but the effect is still unique. What can we expect a tlow power? A white, flame like discharge and this "spreading effect of the charge" is an indication of the difference between this system and a normal Tesla coil or Induction coil. Describing one of the critical components required to reproduce the experiment, is critical to any demonstration or understanding. In the case of Tesla's experiments producing "Sting Rays", without knowledge of a Magnetic Gap, such a reproduction is impossible.

I am giving information, which can be physically tested and researched. If one does not understand the significance or effect of a Magnetically Quenched Spark Gap on such a system as a Tesla coil, one will not see the significance of this information. Until such a gap is researched and its effect on current flow in a circuit is understood, one has no grounds to judge the significance of a magnetic gap in Tesla's design.

I tried to explain some of the changes such a gap does to current flow in a circuit, and why exactly it is unique form of power, but apparently this is off topic.

There are other variables, and I did say coil shape can make the system more efficient, but you will never get "Stinging rays" without a "Magnetically Quenched Spark Gap", or something which operates similarly, and a ridiculous amount of power.

The only way we could ever get "hard proof" of "Stinging Rays" would be to reproduce the high power experiments Tesla did at Colorado Springs. However, I do not see this happening in the near future. Therefore we are stuck with experimenting with low power devices, such as that referenced in the paper "On a New Connection for the Induction Coil". Look at these old Ruhmkorff coils, understand how a magnetically quenched gap works, and it becomes obvious a magnetic gap played a role in the Philadelphia high school experiment.

I am not trying to discredit anyone else's work here. I am only trying to provide what I believe is a significant piece of the puzzle, in regards to the production of "Stinging Rays" or "A Unique Electrical Discharge". That a magnetically quenched spark gap or something similar, is a requirement in this system.

I am just suggesting one should look more closely at the spark gap, Tesla was using in this experiment. The magnetic spark gap is the only common component between Tesla's experiment and the Philadelphia High School experiment. The spark gap is obviously the component which made the operation of this "off the shelf" induction coil, truly unique.

Research early DC transmission system circuit breakers and "Flash overs" in these early DC transmission systems. People used to die connecting breakers on these old DC systems and the cause for these "overloads" was never adequately solved. Special breakers had to be invented.

Its just information, maybe its wrong, maybe its right. Take it or leave it. I do not really care.
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