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Bedini SSG Questions

Hi All

I have built two Bedini SSG's and neither of them charge batteries. The batteries I am charging are lead acid, range in size from deep cycle marine batteries to motorcycle batteries and all have had at least 10 cycles of 24 hours. I have never seen any increase in voltage or capacity in a single battery and I am asking you guys if you might know what's going on. Here are the specs for my machines:

The first has one coil, bifilar, 700 turns and uses AWG 23 wire. It has Lincoln R60 welding rods at its core an is used to spin a spherical magnet floating in motor oil. I can measure rotation up to 10,000 rpm's but the magnet easily exceeds this.

The second bedini is a multi-coil setup that spins a disc with magnets mounted on it. There are three coils, all bifilar, 1150 turn and using AWG 23 wire. The core on this machine uses the same welding rods as the first machine and spins at up to 3,000 rpm's depending on how it is tuned.

Both machines are wired exactly to Bedini's circuit diagram.

Any help would be really appreciated.

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