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Originally Posted by Web000x View Post
Yeah, I am starting to run into that problem too. Many of the emails that I send to the magamp core providers are never responded to...
I tried getting some custom metglas cores back at the start of the year when I had a bit of money to throw around and I never heard back so that makes 3 of us..dare call it conspiracy?

Asked a lecturer what he thought of the idea of changing inductance/capacitance and it's implications on the systems energy and he seemed to really like to idea say that the idea was really interesting (his emphasis not mine) and gave me great encouragment in my idea of making a generator based on parametric principals for my final engineering project. Unfortunately he didn't point me in the direction of anything interesting but he did think the idea was quite viable. Not that his word is gospel but it is good to get some input from them.

I wonder if I'd be able to work something core wise out through university, I'll see what I can do.

PS: Garrett do you have pdfs of those books you referenced on hathi-trust? If not I might be able to help you 'extract' them. PM me if interested, invitation goes to anyone for that matter.

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