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Special motors

Hi Ufo,

Your info about these special motors is very interesting. Do you happen to have any references or patent numbers so I could look some of them up? I am always trying to learn something new.

But let me tell you something else...and believe me, I understand and respect your background in Motors and Electrodynamics ...but there are specific Servo just One Unit, One Assembly...that could rotate in many different Degrees Of Freedom Angles...there are several patents in USPTO Washington DC related to that kind of Motors, I have conducted many deep searches in that area...they have very clever sliding mechanisms...that moves through specific Spheres Shape Spatial Frames, with channels and guides...just like a Round Rail Road track...they could deviate paths...and surround a whole spherical area of operation...They're mostly used in Aerospace applications, and repair equipment for Satellites etc...while others never made it to the production lines...

Kind Regards


Thanks for sharing this info.
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