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Stinging Rays

I have some information about these "Stinging Rays' Tesla discovered. There are some errors in your description of the equipment used to produce these rays.

The primary power source was DC high frequency, at high voltage> 50KV and moderate current >10 amps.

This was stored in a large capacitor and dumped through a spiral primary as described. The secondary was often only a single thin wire.

The spark gap was not a rotary gap, but a magnetically quenched spark gap. This is an important key to what was happening. This specific type of spark gap, discovered by Tesla, prevents ANY alternations in the primary discharge circuit. The discharge is a SINGLE pulse of high voltage, but extremely low current DC.

Unlike a Tesla coil which relies on ringing and alternating high frequency, the setup to produce these 'Stinging Rays" is a single, high power DC pulse, an electrostatic pulse to be more precise.

In regards to comments about these "Stinging Rays" being currently classified by some other name or type of radiation, or as a purely electrostatic "Shock" are mistaken. At first Tesla thought the wire exploded with such force, he was hit by a spray of tiny metal particles. However simple shields did not block the effect. Tesla tried on many attempts to shield himself from these "Stinging Rays", he called "Radiant Energy". Neither, Faraday or Magnetic shield of many layers could shield this effect. In fact, Tesla remarked that when he stood inside the Faraday Cage the effect was actually amplified and the "Stinging" sensation more painful.

Tesla further remarks he made extensive searches for examples of prior art or reference to the effect or similar apparatus to what he used to cause the effect. He names only one such case he discovered, concerned a Ruhmkorff Coil , at a University. Ruhmkorff induction coils use a magnetic vibrator to make and break the circuit, causing the high frequencies. However, I here point out that certain Ruhmkorff coils have the spark gap, located directly in the strongest point of the magnetic field. Thus in only certain Ruhmkorff coils we have, by accident, a magnetically quenched spark gap!

The results of this specific Ruhmkorff coil experiment, were an unexpectedly large electrostatic output, throughout the entire building in which the experiment was conducted. For example, sparks or electric discharge of some type was seen to spray from doorknobs to rooms on the floor above the experiment.

People forget about Tesla and the significance of his work. He is too easily categorized as an eccentric.

People forget our entire amazing AC electrical grid today, the foundation of our modern society, was entirely Tesla's idea. If you read the history of the AC grid, you will read that previously there existed a DC grid, and the investors of this DC system were not keen to adopt Tesla's new AC system. Thomas Edison went to the extent of electrocuting live animals on public displays to prove the dangers of AC electricity.

What they do not realize is Tesla, invented another type of electrical transmission system, many times better even than his AC system. He called this his Wireless System. After heavy investment in AC transmission infrastructure, after the DC system became obsolete, these investors were not going to have the AC system become obsolete too. So this time they just suppressed the knowledge and the much better Wireless system, never came to be. So in a nutshell, some investors held back all of humanity, to make a buck.

The wireless system relied on "Electrostatic" fields rather than "Electromagnetic" radio like transmissions, and came from the experiments producing "Stinging Rays".

True story.
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