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[QUOTE=kcarring;203390At the end of the day, very few of us own a 4 channel scope capable of multiplying inputs (1 channel for each: volts / amp draw on both input and output) such that the information can be sent via data acquisition, and therefore examined as energy consumed versus energy produced, over time.
Which seems to be one of the few accurate methods.

If we cannot trust our meters with these circuits, and cannot afford extensive equipment... where then do we turn?

Cheers all.[/QUOTE]

Hi kcarring
I agree that most of us tinkerers don't have some of teh sophisticated equipment as do some of those out there. And I am not saying that in an envious way. It is just a fact of economics. Because we don't have many of the better tools we simply have to make due with what we have. If we have repeat experiments sevral times to study an reaction then we do it. I have had to do that many times when i realized my meter was placed wrong or I measured it incorrectly. We as amatures simply need to work with what we have and trust we will find what we are looking for or show us the way we are not supposed to go.
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