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Common Errors

@cifta and Farmhand

Thanks for your input, both of you, very interesting points. Another misleader is frequency and RMS, DMM's. I have found for example, I can take an air core SSG, and if I instead of having a battery on the charge side; put a bank of about 100 LEDs - and show a greater output than input. This effect was compared on analog meters, typical DMM's and also True RMS Fluke DMM's. I was, of course, at first rather excited. Upon researching it more I found some interesting articles about why meters lie, at higher frequencies with non-sine and non-linear waveforms. An interesting counter experiment was done by a chap named Tinman, where he shows measurements smoothed with caps first to minimize errors. In any event, the actual measurement of input vs. output (if I am correct) is no easy task when you have unconventional wave forms.

I wonder, how much this particular effect, has lead people astray, even some rather "recognized" experimenters, out there.

At the end of the day, very few of us own a 4 channel scope capable of multiplying inputs (1 channel for each: volts / amp draw on both input and output) such that the information can be sent via data acquisition, and therefore examined as energy consumed versus energy produced, over time.
Which seems to be one of the few accurate methods.

If we cannot trust our meters with these circuits, and cannot afford extensive equipment... where then do we turn?

Cheers all.
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