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Hi Carroll, Yes your absolutely correct, I maintain anything is possible, I just
have tricked myself a few times so I like to point out things that tricked me
before and may trick me again too. With a single battery and recovery
system I think if the battery has a sufficient "buffer" it may help.

With respect to the Aerial collector systems I think they do work, and like
with radio the ground connection/Earth staking is probably the most important thing
along with the proper connecting wire insulation and proper components. I
think a Tesla radiant energy collector with the plate might be kinda different
to an actual radio antenna, it would seem to me that it can work by the
voltage difference over height and by "receiving" "waves" but I think it is also
for receiving cosmic radiations or charged particles.

I don't see many add a coil or tuning the Tesla Radiant Energy Receivers to a "frequency",
some have. The idea of adding an antenna to a powered HF circuit doesn't
make much sense unless the antenna is designed not to radiate, "sphere" or
"toroid" or "mushroom dome".

I have a fair length of electric fence, I am going to turn it off and try to
scope it, but I'm concerned I might zap the scope, I guess I could turn off the
fence (most important) then ground the fence wires while connecting the
scope then separate them scoped, I hope that works, I'm worried about rapid
static build up it's windy here. That should show me something. I'll have to
check the fence first for shorts (fallen branches green weeds), the fence also
has ground wires between the live ones for better effect on the stock in dry
weather. Would that be a problem or no effect do you think ? I have no way
to measure the entire fence length. I estimate just over 1 klm x 4 strands at
different heights. Sounds like fun. I'll report back what happens after. Hopefully with a scope shot.

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