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I Agree

Hi again Farmhand,

I agree completely with everything you said about batteries. I have seen that same thing many times. We learned some strange things about batteries though when we were working on the 3 battery generating system. If you only use them until the voltage starts to drop the second time and you have the strange setup that Dave came up with where the load on the motor between batteries and the load on the "dead" battery were matched then they seem to come back time after time. It seemed like we could actually run the load for a total time of much longer than we could it we had just run the load for a few times and ran it longer each time. I really want to get back to playing with that setup again because it sure seemed to be doing some strange things.

Now on the idea of charging and discharging a battery at the same time I have some ideas about that I am not sure about. I know from personal experiments that trying to use a battery and charging it with high voltage low current pulses like from the SSG just doesn't work. The battery seems to just lose charge that way. However when Matt (Matthew Jones) and I and some others tried switching the charge and discharge times on the Tesla Switch so that we charged for several seconds and then switched sides we got much longer run times from the batteries. So it seems that the batteries may take charge and discharge if some time is allowed for the battery to react.

On another line of thought Bizzy is using a battery and large capacitor in parallel in his Bedini/Watson machine and he is charging them with current pulses from another large cap. His machine ran for 9 days and the battery held its charge the whole time. So maybe the high current pulses let the battery be used and charged at the same time or maybe the cap is handling most of the surge current and the battery is just floating.

These are just some of my ideas and thoughts. Flooded cell lead acid batteries are certainly interesting beasts that is for sure.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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