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Hi wonza,

Thanks for joining the thread. I agree that meters don't always tell the truth. I have seen that when working on the Tesla Switch. The meters have shown it should have been draining the batteries quickly yet they actually were going down very slowly. So I will have to agree with Ufo on that point. I am still waiting just like you for some real evidence these motors are actually doing what he says. It seems like it would be pretty simple to connect them to a load and measure how long a battery lasts compared to how long an unmodified motor lasts with the same load and same battery. So far as I know no one has done that yet. I know we did that a lot when trying different ideas for the Tesla Switch. And that easily showed us when we were making improvements and when we were taking a step backwards. I wish I had time to build one and try it out but right now my time is pretty short. I just have a problem with his explanations because he likes to use such oddball descriptions for everything.

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