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Originally Posted by Bizzy View Post
Hi Wonza
I think if the person can accurately show speed using a tachometer as well as amp meter and volt meter that should be enough to verify the output of the motor.
Although speed is the most importnat thing a motor does the volts and amps are whatr interests us the most.
Let me know what you think.
I'm no expert in this field by any means I'm just reserving my opinion until I see a self running machine with usable power. Ufo has already claimed that amps are no indication of true output of these motors though, and given an explanation as to why. Others have stated the same and said it should be measured by the energy created by rotational force. Though like I said I've not heard of anyone attempting or showing such a thing. I'm not reading anything into that either way just yet, only that there simply hasn't been enough time to say one way or another.
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