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3DOF motors... HA HA

You got that one right, citfta. Ignore, ignore. In order to have some credibility with me, there needs to be some sort of acceptance of an energy source. It may be explicit or implicit. Refering to my earlier comments, the important thing to me is to build a machine in the real world that does some useful work. It could rotate a shaft, light an LED, or charge a battery. It could charge a capacitor, compress a spring or heat water. It should be something measurable. By unique construction, one should be able to tap available energy. For example, at room temperature, every atom and molecule is vibrating with energy that we measure as temperature. If we could direct some of that energy into another form it would become a source of free energy. In distilled water, a certain portion exists as H+ and OH-. What would happen if a container of water were placed in an electrostatic field. Could you measure a current from one end of the container to the other? I'm just saying there are plenty of ideas to test out and why not share some REAL construction plans with details and numbers and get some real results out in the open?
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