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Ufopolitcs and his motors

The following is a quote from Ufo about how his motors work:

"In the Field of ROBOTICS, where I originally developed certain types of Servo Motors, which are not just motors that rotate straight forward or reverse only, and, at different speeds, but a SERVO is a Motor that "Obeys" Certain Specific Commands -ordered by its SERVER-, to move to EXACT Positioning in ALL 3D Space Coordinates, called DOF (Degrees of Freedom), then it would be much easier to understand the Flow of My Machines disclosed above..."

I worked on industrial machine tools for about 30 years. A lot of these machines were computer controlled which means they had servo motors on them. So I do know a little about servos motors. I had to fix them when they didn't work. A motor has ONE axis. It can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. It can go slow or it can go fast. It can move in little steps or spin like a top. But it still only has ONE axis. We can put a bunch of them to together and make a multi-axis machine. I have worked on machines that had as many as 5 axises that could all be moving at the same time for machining very complex curves. But the motors still only had ONE axis. Most of the machines I worked on had an accuracy of .0001 inch. that is one ten thousandths of an inch. Some of them had an accuracy even closer than that. I had to test the machines to verify that accuracy and had to repair them if they lost that level of accuracy. I have also worked on some industrial robots. They have the same kind of motors.

Ufo has some very interesting design ideas about motors and he has a lot of people trying to build them. I don't understand why he insists on coming back time and time again making statements like the one above that only serve to confuse people. I think he probably meant that the robot can have 3D movement but the way he wrote it makes it seem like the motors somehow had 3D movement. And what in the world does this have to do with how his motors are supposed to work?

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