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Originally Posted by dR-Green View Post
It did work. You got a few milliamps

Here is my problem with it. No one ever said HOW MUCH power you are supposed to be able to get out of it. Tesla claimed that the principle worked, which it does. I'm not aware that he ever claimed you would be able to power your house with it.
hi Dr Green
I don't know the exact quote or where he said it It may have been in his patent description, so I will only paraphrase but i thought Tesla said there is "unlimited power available" using this method.
You are correct in that I beleive he never said you can get XX amps or this many volt. and yes I guess you are right it did work just not up to our expectation so I stand corrected in that respect.

I know in my case I have also associated Tesla's radiant energy experiments with his car experiment in Buffalo. He never said they were associated it was just my hunch. And I could be way off base there. I don't know that much about the subject just what I have read and learned through my experiments.

But you do make a great point it does work...simply not up to our expectations.
I do think that if people like us continue where other leave off we can improve power production.
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