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Originally Posted by Bizzy View Post
The only thing I ever got was a few milliamps and greif from my wife about "wires running every where"
Since Tesla said it can work i am sure it will.
It did work. You got a few milliamps

Here is my problem with it. No one ever said HOW MUCH power you are supposed to be able to get out of it. Tesla claimed that the principle worked, which it does. I'm not aware that he ever claimed you would be able to power your house with it.

People are throwing terms like "free energy" and "free wireless energy" around, did they ever wonder what the energy source was supposed to be? Did they consider the fact that Tesla had access to electrical energy in a way that none of us do? IE he designed the generators at the power stations. And the "free energy" everyone is obsessed with is supposed to sprout out of thin air? Did they forget about the generators at the waterfalls, which is the problem of free energy already solved?

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