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Originally Posted by citfta View Post
Hi boguslaw,

I agree if we could run a 1 or 2 HP motor for a couple of days off a 12 v 7 ah battery that would probably be all we need to be energy independent. We could always use some of that power to charge up a couple of other batteries during that time. Do you know of any circuit or device that will let us do that? Thanks for sharing your ideas.

UFOPolitics is working on it I believe. The last I saw something like that was a patent from 70'ties or 80'ties.I will check if I could find it again. Basically motor-generator with two commutators or commutator and slip rings. The idea is to simply get the power from "generator" stage of motor and put back to stator coils. I will be back to this concept in the future, mechanical devices are not something I like the best (more chances for failure). Surely it can be done after eliminating Lenz drag.
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