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Searle-Carr gravity generators.

Hi Carroll, There is a PDF attached which might be interesting to all you guys.
The effects produced remind me of the effects claimed by Otis T. Carr in the
50's during a radio interview. I see it as "planetary" or "solar system"
technology. I think the Searle device supports the viability of Carr's device
being real. The Seale device would appear to be a real deal free energy
machine. I think the principal is the very best kind but Searle uses permanent
magnets Carr did not.

I started a thread about Otis T. Carr not long after joining this site, he is what
got me on the free energy hunt. This is how open minded I am, I think Otis's
craft was legit. But I think the teleporting claims by Ralph Ring are bogus and I
think he may have been "bought" to discredit Carr by making fantastic
unbelievable fantasy type claims. If there was no suppression and he knows
how it was build why would no one be asking him to help build one and why
would he not want to.

Otis T. Carr

I think I am beginning to understand how it may have worked as a machine.

If anyone needs any incentive to continue research I think the PDF has it.

AS far as I can tell some of the effects produced by the Searle generator in
Russia are not explained by known or accepted physics. The description of
the carona kinda reminds me of the carona envelope i got around one of the
extra coils I had on my Tesla transformer. I think I have a picture if I find it i'll
post it in the Otis thread. It comes out of the top and bottom turns of the
extra coil like two umbrella's one inverted and they can meet to form an almost complete
envelope like a donut. Very difficult to photograph or film though.

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