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Question #1

[I've been out of the loop for quite a while for personal reasons, but I've recently completed a marathon re-read of the Dollard threads].

Stupid question #1:

In the Bolinas/RCA video, Eric showed golden ratio discharges emanating from his apparatus.

He finished the video by showing similar patterns in nature, esp. the streams of water flowing from the beach towards the ocean.

The streams of water formed tiny, crooked little tributaries that joined with larger crooked tributaries that finally flowed into a trunk of water flowing into the sea.

I originally thought that in Eric's device, the sparks were emanated FROM his apparatus and dissipated in a golden ratio manner.

Watching the video, I get a different impression.

Is it implied that the streams of sparks are flowing INTO his device, just like the tributaries flowed into the ocean?

Do the coils/etc in his device suck energy inwards instead of expelling it outwards?

WRT to the glass bulb showing golden ratio discharges - if glass is a dielectric medium that supports dielectric fields, then are the golden-ratio discharges flowing inward from the glass towards the device, analogous to the rivulets of water that flowed into the ocean?

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