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Technical details

Hi Carroll,

I would like to support your initiative. It has been very hard for me to get to the design details that I am seeking in building replications of some of the devices discussed here in the broader forum. Some builders are very positive and excited but reluctant to be specific. I can understand that. They either want to profit financially or are afraid of the established energy players. They can do whatever and believe whatever. I don't want to call them names, say they are cowards, or whatever. I think those of us that are a bit more open can still have a reasonable discussion. My electronics, physics and science background make me rather sceptical, but I am open to the possibilities. I have experimented with magnet motors and copper coils of various configurations. If I had OU results to share, I would do so. But, as of now, the general rules of physics, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, etc. have held true.

My beef with standard physics and math is that as scientists we have observed the physical universe around us and created a mathematical model of how the universe operates. That is appropriate, well and good. What we as scientists do next is conjecture and speculation. We take our math and models and assume that as a whole construct these things are accurate and true and we stop doing basic research to find ways around the issues that prevent us from reaching our goals. We need to break out of that mindset and do some basic testing. In that way we will get REAL results and real knowledge and understanding of how the universe operates. Instead of assuming that we know everything, we should test the limits of what we think we know.

When I do a web search for formulas for building coils and finding resonant frequency, etc. I am astounded at the limitations and qualifications that go with the formulas. For example, a formula may only be applied in a vacumn or at certain frequencies or temperatures. Charts and graphs are inappropriately scaled or interpolated.

When I look at reports in this forum, voltage, energy, work and power are confused or used inaccurately. One needs to be well versed in physics and engineering. Both are needed to discern what is actually happening. Are the reported results accurate and useful? Is enough being revealed to enable the builder to approach a design from the basis of an internal model of how things should work?

For example, you can find an electronic circuit to "control" a windmill or solar array and charge up a bank of batteries. This is an example of true free energy, no expenditure for the energy, only for the equipment to collect the energy. You will find people collecting energy in a variety of unusual ways. You can find an explanation for why Don Smith insists that his device have a good, reliable earth ground. Why is that needed? Is the given explanation reasonable? There is a well known difference in electrostatic potential between earth ground and an elevated point some distance above ground. Is this the secret of Don Smith's device? Where does Don Smith talk about an antenna being required? Is there some other source? If it works, why does it matter? I think it DOES matter, and I would like to be able to back up my idea with some experiments.

Excuse the length of this rant, but I'm not quite done. Another technology that is fascinating to me is the replications around the work of Stanley Meyer. I have not seen any basic research around the relationship between electrolysis and temperature, pressure or electric field. For example, if an electrostatic field were created around an electrolysis cell, could one alter the amount of the gases produced? And, would the total energy input per unit of gas produced be constant?

I don't have the finances to do anything about it, but I am also curious about LENR and the work of Rossi.

To me, these are technical questions that fall within the guidelines you suggest for this topic. I don't live 24/7 on this forum, but I look forward to your thoughts.
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