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Pulsing motors

Hi Farmhand,

Most of what you said about motors is true. On a lot of the machines I worked on we had to have motors big enough to get a large mass moving. Once that mass was moving then we didn't need all that power. So at that point using PWM we were able to power the motor as if it was a smaller motor than it actually was. This is the case with a lot of motors used in industry. They are almost never run at full power. So in those cases pulsing the motor with a PWM controller is really a good idea and lets the motor run cooler and uses less power. The PWM also lets us control the motor speed more easily than some of the older systems that used the thyratron tubes. The PWM also lets us control the torque in cases where we don't want to overly stress the motor or other components with a too rapid start up.

Now the question still remains is pulsing the motor a good way to try and get OU. I agree with you that we probably are not going to get more from a motor just by pulsing it. However as Bizzy has shown we can pulse the motor when it is tied to a very efficient generator and get a machine that appears to be doing the same thing as the Watson/Bedini machine.

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