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Originally Posted by Nhopa View Post
Well, as we speak I am baking my secondary coil support rods at 190 degree Celsius for 1 hour. I hope this will do the trick. I have (20) 3 cm dia by 186 mm long support rods of which 10 is marked on one end 90 degrees apart with 3.5 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 5.5 mm grooves for a total of 20 turns for each spacing. Once freshly baked (and properly "seasoned") the rods will be coated with some polyurethane coating. The 10 marked rods are alternating with the unmarked rods and will be free to rotate for the desired spacing. Once the rods and the end plates are assembled I will first wind the coil with a 3.5 mm spacing. This corresponds to a .58 factor vs. Eric's .62. Next I will rewind this 20 turn coil with a 4 mm spacing that corresponds to a .81 spacing factor. If resonance frequency higher than before, then I will rewind again with 5.5 mm spacing (1.49 factor). If now I get a decrease in frequency then I still can rewind with a 5 mm spacing (1.02 factor). My wire diameter is 2.21 mm. Comments are welcome.
A very interesting idea Perhaps you could make it so you could rotate the rods and adjust the spacing without rewinding it each time?

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