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Open discussion for projects on this forum.

I am starting this thread for open discussion for those people who would like to discuss projects that are going on on this forum. There are at least a couple of projects where the builders do not want to be bothered by discussions about the merits of their projects. Technical questions and others have resulted in flame wars and serious name calling. This thread is for serious discussion ONLY! There will be no flaming or name calling. If you disagree with another poster please state why you disagree with your technical discussion only. We can disagree without being disagreeable!

The Don Smith device thread is one of those has been subject to discussion and consequent flaming because of the discussion. I personally have problems with that device because I feel it does not do what is claimed based on my knowledge of electronics. I am open to anyone that would like to discuss it with me and show me where I am in error about the device.

Another device that has had a lot of attention lately and also a lot of flaming involved is the Assymmetrical Electrodynamic Machine of Ufo Politics. I haven't come to a conclusion on that one yet. The idea of combining a motor and generator on the same housing is nothing new. I have worked on many dynamotors which work the same way. However Ufo has come up with a rather unique way of winding the armature and taking the power off the generator side. Will it do what he says? He incorrectly calculates the COP using only the voltage in compared to the voltage out. There are several replicators working to build one according to his specs. So we should soon be getting some hard data to prove or disprove his claims. We really need to see the current in and out as well as the voltage in and out. He also is claiming that once we start pulsing the motor's armature and field we will see even more improvement in performance. PWM (pulse width modulation) has been around for several years now and is a proven technology for improving the performance of a motor. I have never seen it applied to the field windings also as Ufo is planning to do, so that should prove to be interesting to see the results of that.

Please feel free to comment on either one of these projects or any other project you would like to discuss. Remember this thread is for technical discussion only, NO NAME CALLING OR FLAMING.

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