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ok so lets summarise the information we now know:-

1. Copper strap spiral creates shocks in a secondary as advised by Joseph Henry
2. The intensity of the shocks is increased by extra turns in the copper strap primary & decreased by less turns. (within certain limits)
3. Mass matching the copper strap primary with the secondary creates the most intense shocks
4. The shocks can also be increased by increasing the voltage
5. The primary circuit was interrupted with a mercury cup

So what did Tesla do differently? He added a flat spiral secondary. This is well known from the Tesla patents. He was using less turns in the copper strap to either prevent or reduce the shocks.

So are we to assume that the creation of a shock wave with the introduction of a flat spiral secondary does something special? Is there more to the flat spiral secondary than what is revealed in well known Tesla patents and pictures?

I already know the answers but i am presenting these questions as a way of analysing the information we now know and to promote discussion
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