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Originally Posted by garrettm4 View Post
When actually testing a built unit, the end-terminal capacity is increased and reduced to bring the whole unit into resonance. Here, the choice for shape isn't necessarily important, but when you tune for maximum performance it becomes an importance aspect to address. Also, a delay line, a certain length of wire between Extra Coil and end-terminal capacity, may or may not be needed for proper operation.
It's a little more complicated than that. You could tune it that way, but then, what do you tune your secondary to? If you tune the secondary to F, then add the extra coil, suddenly the secondary frequency has gone right up and you need to add more secondary capacitance, otherwise you'll need a massive terminal capacitance. Physically I mean, I've had a bit of a Tower Of Babel coming along which was not practical at all Eventually I ran out of metal objects so could proceed no further, and had to take it down for safety reasons in case it all came crashing down through an accidental knock.

[edit] But either way, I was only bringing the tandem frequency down which was relatively high because the secondary had no capacitance and I was instead doing the tuning through the extra coil terminal. My conclusion is that the secondary needs to be tuned to a relatively low frequency, exactly what I don't know yet.

A "delay line" also constitutes some of the terminal capacitance whether insulated or not. The fact the piece of wire is there at all reduces the frequency, as well as its arrangement or direction and distance above the extra coil. The distance of the terminal itself from the top of the extra coil/TMT as a whole has an effect, as well as the length of wire leading to the terminal at any given distance above the coil. So a 15cm sphere for example 5cm above the coil would be very different to the same 15cm sphere 20cm above the coil.

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