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Originally Posted by dR-Green View Post

c = 299792458
F = 3670000
λ = 81.68
λ/4 = 20.42


124% <

/1.24 = 16.469
Luminal frequency = 4550.8 kc
= F*1.24

124% >

*1.24 = 25.323
Luminal frequency = 2959.677 kc
= F/1.24

If a coil of λ/4 = 20.42 metres wire length was made, then based on the results shown of 124% the measured frequency would be approx

4550.8 kc

Which = λ/4/1.24

= 16.469 metres extra coil wire length luminal frequency

Therefore, tuned to 100% luminal frequency of this 16.469 metres wire length, the extra coil would theoretically be operating at the so-called "F*1.24" or 124% velocity of the fundamental F. Excluding any effects of being connected to the secondary.
Furthermore, taking the luminal frequency as 4550800, the measured frequency would be approx

4550800*1.24 = 5642992

5642992/3670000 = 1.5376

So theoretically extra coil with no terminal capacitance = almost 154%

Although ultimately this may be a load of useless rubbish, I'm just putting my thoughts on it out loud as I establish various relationships through numbers so make of it what you will

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