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The 4.8*10^9 / F comes from the simplification of;


We can say that;

Or at least very close to.

The reference to the first equation comes from;

In the figures Eric gave you you'll see that the extra coil wire length is smaller than quater wave at luminal velocity. The way I think about it however is if you have more meters covered per second and your frequency in per seconds stays the same, which it does since we know the specific frequency we're tuning for, the wavelength will naturally have to be longer not shorter. Here's another way to think about it get your hands and move them a certain distance apart in one second and take a quarter of that distance. Now compare it to moving them further apart than the first time and take a quarter of that, assuming it was covered in the same time the distance is longer and not shorter than the original since the time is the same. At least that's how I'm seeing it

No problem about the books, Garrett was the one that pointed me in the direction of a digital copy of Introduction to Circuit Theory and I found Theory of Linear Physical Systems while I was on the same website (Hathi-trust) so he is to thank for it as well. The only thing I did was 'extract' the images from the digital library and combined them into a pdf

EDIT: Btw just a quick update on the SEC/Extra coil experiment, I want to make sure that I reduce the number of variables I'm dealing with so I'm having to make a coil form for each coil. I don't have the right drill bit I need. Dad said he'd pick me one up from the hardware store of the way home so hopefully tonight I'll be able to start winding the coils.

Also, Aaron this isn't my forum and I truly mean no disrespect but I'm finding it really frustrating having to navigate through 3 topics instead of one. I don't know if anyone else is in the same boat but I'd like to see all 3 topics merged into one. I know that you're trying to stop posts getting deleted but when posts are getting deleted it's the authors of those posts who are deleting them. Also why is it that it's only this topic which is getting continuation topics while the others which have just as many people posting, if not more, aren't?

Scribd account;

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