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Originally Posted by Raui View Post
I don't know whether or not you saw my post on the extra coil lengths but as I was reading through your coil calculations I came across something I haven't been able to come to any sort of conclusion on. You gave the coil length as being

You said in an earlier transmission;

So if I interpret what you're saying correctly you want the secondary to be pi/2 smaller or roughly 63% of electromagnetic wave length and you want the extra coil to be pi/2 longer or roughly 157% of electromagnetic wave length. Therefore from my reasoning the secondary length is actually equal to;

The extra coil length is equal to;

Notice the last term. If you multiply your given equation for secondary length by Pi squared on 4 then you end up with roughly 39% electromagnetic wave length for extra coil wave length I would expect it to be greater than the electromagnetic wave length because the extra coil is apparently exhibiting a velocity greater than light.
I don't see where you got that first equation from? All I see is

ls = 4.8 x 10^9 / F

From "CalculatingPropertiesforaTeslaTransformerSecondar yCoil001.jpg"

Since the tests determined that the extra coil frequency was much too low my "le" or extra coil wire length is now

= λ / 4 / 1.24

[edit] Where λ = c / F

Corresponding to the 124% measured velocity. Eric only gave me a wire length to use so this is how I see that he calculated it. No actual calculations were given so this could be wrong.

Originally Posted by T-rex
Extra Coil

Dr Green;
I believe that another extra coil needs to be made for a higher frequency, that of your secondary, 3670. So an extra coil for 3700 with some terminal loading. The extra coil that you have now is too large/long and many turns would have to be removed, best to keep this one intact. Since now you can see the actual extra coil relations from the one you made, now it can be scaled to any frequency. Break, more to follow...

Originally Posted by T-rex
Dr Green Extra Coil

3670 Luminal Wavelength
81.70 Meters

3670 Luminal Quarter Wave
20.4 Meters

Empirical Extra Coil Velocity Factor

Extra Coil Wire Length
16.5 Meters

Wind your width equals height extra coil with 16.5 meters of 18 to 22 gauge transformer wire
Thanks for posting the books btw.

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