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Popping in for a big thank you!

Hi Grace!

Wishing you a super awesome fantabulous day!

I am very thankful for all you are doing for all of us and me, personally, as well.

Also, I'm posting to get on the money bandwagon in case my lil' name slipped your list lol. (Is there room left on this gravy-train? oh yes, theres a little space between Adrienne and you mind ladies? You'll hardly notice I'm here, if you could just scooch over a little bit...make a small space between you, ah, thats better...a little cozy but we'll get by. Don't worry, I rarely bite, and if I do, its not too hard )
I am in a state of allowing and never permit doubt to take root in me or my thinking. I am already so thankful for all I have and even imagine the joy I will have in sharing more and more with others, both what I have now, and the manifestation of energy exchange that will free up so much more time and opportunity to give.

As for mood and health, I've always had it pretty good. However, god, I sure had a few hours of wild emotions yesterday afternoon! I felt so incredibly impatient (never my usual disposition) and my children seemed to pick up on that and become 10 times more needy! (Single Dad so I do everything for them and love it ) It was all I could do to make it to the end of the day and then after relaxing and watching a movie (finally got to Spiderman 2 LOL) I started to feel a lot better, and this morning - all perfect again! So strange! Not sure if it was either a PATHS thing, or perhaps Holosync (on about day 10), but whatever it is, glad it is gone!

<---me again

Namaste, dear Grace and to everyone else too!

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