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Originally Posted by Nhopa View Post
When I tried to down load the program, I got a warning message saying this software may contain a virus that will harm your computer. Does your computer still works?
I am also working on my project from the beginning. So far I got some copper wire 2.2 mm dia, close to #11 AWG, and two 30 mm dia hard wood broom sticks which I cut up to twenty 19 cm long pieces. Before baking I have to decide on the groove spacing. May be I will use triple spaced grooves and wind in the one in the middle, then test, followed by a rewind in the third spacing and test again to see if magnification has increased. If not then I will rewind in the groove that gives the closest spacing. Since there are no calculations given to establish the "best fit" I think this leaves me with experimenting. Reading the Tesla's notes, it seems even he did not have a clue to the proper spacing.
By the time you finish your coils and put some power on the primary you will draw 10' sparks. Make sure you have a remote switch so you don't have to be in the room when you power up.
I think that warning happens when you are downloading a .msi or .exe files, or any executable file. There isn't any virus that I'm aware of but I don't use any antivirus software because I can't stand them. What I do use is a firewall which notifies me on any incoming or outgoing network attempts that I haven't manually authorised and it's safe to say the amp software isn't doing anything dodgy in that respect.

I'm trying to keep the power levels low, all I really want is enough power to be able to use an incandescent bulb with a test coil so I can see what the secondary is doing. The amp I built from the software works but the spec is not right for what I need, too much power in and needing high power low resistance resistors with not enough power out in my opinion. So I seem to be producing some heat with no real advantage at all, just a couple of volts more than what I had before. The point of a transistor amp was to keep it as simple as possible with components I already have but I think that plan has been undone already [edit] It looks like I'll also need to make another (current) amplifier and then get it all to work together. So signal generator driving a common emitter amp driving a common collector amp, I think. At this rate I'd may as well just buy the vacuum tubes and build it properly in the first place.

It would be good to have the data from the things you're thinking. I'm guessing there must be a balance between too much and too little spacing, because in basic terms, to have a big magnification factor the coil isn't meant to respond to anything until you get as close as possible to the tuned frequency, if there's no response at all around the peak frequency then you could have a massive magnification factor at the peak. So it needs to be as unresponsive as possible around the peak, and as selective as you can possibly get with the target frequency. Maybe here we come back to the 62% spacing.

[edit] Are you also going to make another extra coil with shorter wire length?

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