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When I tried to down load the program, I got a warning message saying this software may contain a virus that will harm your computer. Does your computer still works?
I am also working on my project from the beginning. So far I got some copper wire 2.2 mm dia, close to #11 AWG, and two 30 mm dia hard wood broom sticks which I cut up to twenty 19 cm long pieces. Before baking I have to decide on the groove spacing. May be I will use triple spaced grooves and wind in the one in the middle, then test, followed by a rewind in the third spacing and test again to see if magnification has increased. If not then I will rewind in the groove that gives the closest spacing. Since there are no calculations given to establish the "best fit" I think this leaves me with experimenting. Reading the Tesla's notes, it seems even he did not have a clue to the proper spacing.
By the time you finish your coils and put some power on the primary you will draw 10' sparks. Make sure you have a remote switch so you don't have to be in the room when you power up.
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