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Whats charging the battery

Hello John,

It is my opinion that pulsed generator action combined with a second transient phenomena (completely independent from the documented transient) is charging the primary battery.

"if respective non-linear actions are initiated that sharply affect and increase the reaction cross section of the circuit".
End quote

These non-linear actions are not limited to electronic switching alone, care must be taken that the coils are properly configured to allow for the evolution of said transient (implying magnetic switching is taking place in addition to and independent from the electronic switching...., proper coil configuration opens the door to generator energy storage, a mechanism which is the electro-magnetic equivalent of a flywheel. Generator must pulse, this is not to be understood as being an electronic pulse, it is more like what is experienced in the Kromrey and G-field when the magnetic circuit is made an broken, a magnetic pulse.... If you understand flywheels, you know whats necessary to make the generator pulse.

I can only report on that which I have personally experienced. Done.

Watch the videos John has provided, specifically the video on the ferris wheel. Also read and reread US patent 7,109,671.

To date, I have no idea if what I see on my bench has anything to do with the original information provided by John Bedini, John puts everything in the open, but is still not at liberty to share certain things (my opinion). What I can say is when one really reviews all the information that has been provided, and work with it, you will find things that will shock and amaze you. Sometimes you must leave the paved path, leave it to be drawn back to it when your mind has matured enough to comprehend things which were for a time.....uncomprehendable to you....

Cheers John


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