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A quick update of the situation here. Extra coil tuning tests have been put on hold primarily due to the fact that I have no method of knowing what's going on in the secondary with the limited power of the signal generator, I can only pick up the extra coil with the "field intensity meter".

So finally after some time searching/researching, and a failed attempt with a 741 op-amp (apparently won't amplify above 300 kc) I'm now ready to assemble the simplest transistor amplifier. I came across a handy little amp design program which includes defining the output impedance and then it comes up with all the values of components required. So now I hope it translates into reality a bit more accurately than a certain java circuit simulator has so far.

TransistorAmp circuit design software for bipolar transistor amplifiers

If that goes to plan then I can get back on track as this amplifier business has not been much fun to say the least.

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