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Smile More Great Information from all of you!!

Hi Barb, Now I understand. Karen had Private messaged me and then we emailed each other. She was having trouble posting here on Energetic Forum, but Aaron was able to fix the situation and so she then posted on what she thought was the Chinese Energetic Medicine Thread.

I am glad you are watching out for me Barb. XOXOXOXOX I have been working on EVERY ONE that posts here!! Even if you don't specifically ask for what you need, I go to what needs the most attention first. I have worked on your 7th chakra a few times Barb. Like Kevin found out with his TRV session about the suggestions "bouncing off", In Chinese Energetic Medicine, we say "the corrections did not stick" So we have to go back and peel off some more layers of issues that are making you "weak" or manifesting undesirable experiences, like your 7th Chakra not spinning fast enough. I have it balanced now. But it wouldn't hurt to keep a powerful intention of your own, that involves all of your Chakras Balanced, spinning, and vibrating perfectly.

Hi Nadine,

I went back and reviewed my Private messages to find yours, (I had to download them into text, but I did not find this message you are talking about) So yes email me, until you are comfortable with skype. Also send Paths an email and ask them what they think about you using the new LSR module for Shed pounds specifically. Let us know what they recommend. This is new to all of us and we all would like to know. I do read this thread daily and if you have posted then you will get corrections the quickest. I do tend to work on the people who post first. I check skype most often, and then my emails. Private messages I check before emails.

I would love to keep everything nice and organized on this thread, but I know that some "issues" are not for the whole world to read! Just know that I don't need much info to tune in. It is just easier for all of you to monitor your results when you write them down in detail.

Hi Roz, YOU ARE SO FABULOUS!!! I agree Moria is so awesome!! She also gave me two detailed reports that were spot on for me too!!! It's all so much FUN!!

Hi Adrienne, I am going to work on your back spasms now. So keep me posted, and I will work on your son again tonight! I will get to your other issues tonight as well. Thank you so much for your perfect posts. All the information you give helps so many people.
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